District Programs

La Salle Redboine Conservation District offers a number of beneficial programs to landowners dealing with Soil Management, Water Management and Pasture Management. Click on the Program name below for a downloadable application.

Source Water Protection Program

Drinking water comes from ground water and surface water sources that can be extremely susceptible to pollution.  If these water sources are not protected accumulated pollutants can pose a serious risk to human and animal health.  Our Source Water Protection Programs is designed to help protect our precious drinking water sources and includes projects like Abandoned Well Sealing, Well Head Assessments, Shock Chlorination Treatments, and more.

Surface Water Management Program

Spring run-off and summer rain can cause large scale flooding events that can damage drainage infrastructure, roadways, and property. They can also cause massive soil erosion that can lead to crop loss, and cause excessive nutrients and sediments to accumulate in waterways. Our Surface Water Management Program can help lessen the impact of run-off events and includes projects like Water Retention Projects, Erosion Control Projects, Surface Water Management Plans, and more.

Riparian & Wetland Protection Program

Riparian areas and wetlands provide an extremely important role in our environment. They act as buffers and filters to help remove excess nutrients and sediment from our waterways as well as help to ease the effects of spring run-off on the land. Our Riparian & Wetland Protection Program is designed to help preserve these vanishing resources and includes projects like Riparian Fencing Projects, Constructed Wetland Projects, and more.

Pasture Management Program

Proper management of pasture land can increase the efficiency of the pasture, as well as increase the quality of the water leaving the pasture areas. Our Pasture Management Program help producers manage their pastures in a sustainable, conservation oriented manner and includes projects like Rotational Grazing Projects, Alternative Watering Systems, Pipeline Plow Rentals, and more.

Shelterbelt Program

Shelterbelts have long been used in fields and around yard sites for defense against wind erosion. Shelterbelts also can be used to trap snow to increase soil moisture, and can help slow run-off. Our Shelterbelt program offers landowners planting assistance through the rental of tree planters and mulch applicators.