River Watch Program

LSRB River Watch Kit: Schools in our district that are participating in the River Watch program can contact the office to arrange a time to take our kit out for testing.

Map of Boyne River
Testing Sites

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Map of La Salle River
Testing Sites

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Map of Other District
Testing Sites

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River Watch Data:

To upload your River Watch data on the SCEI website, click on their logo below.

The SCEI is the organization that is responsible for the River Watch program in our local area.  They are based out of Nellie McClung Collegiate in Manitou, and have been involved with River Watch since 2008.
Go to: South Central Eco Institute

Oak Hammock Marsh is responsible for organizing the River Watch program across Manitoba.  Find out more information about this and other programs that they offer.
Go to: Oak Hammock Marsh

The International Water Institute is the organization that is in charge of the River Watch program in Minnesota and North Dakota.  Since 1995 they have been sampling rivers in the Red River Watershed, and have been recording it all on their own interactive website.  Visit their website to check it out.
Go to: River Watch